How to work with colors and chart coloring in Datylon chart maker

Overview of coloring options in Datylon for Illustrator and Datylon web app

Any component of a Datylon chart like a bar or other data mark, axis, grid, label, text, background etc. can be colored. Depending on the type of component and its purpose, there are 2 distinct methods to apply color: direct coloring and data driven coloring.

Direct coloring allows you to simply assign any color to a component, while data driven coloring applies color to components based on their underlying data values.

For each of these 2 coloring methods, different tools are at hand to color your charts in the most effective and flexible way. The following list gives an overview of those methods & tools and links you to the relevant articles: 

  1. Direct coloring of Datylon charts
  2. Data driven coloring

Applies to: Datylon for Illustrator only

Next to that, in Datylon for Illustrator there are some other color related topics: