What color modes are available in Datylon for Illustrator

Learn about RGB & CMYK color modes in Datylon for Illustrator

Applies to: Datylon for Illustrator only


Datylon for Illustrator supports both RGB as CMYK document color modes. Reserve CMYK color mode only for print. Use RGB color mode for all other applications and in some cases even for print if you have set up an RGB workflow.

The color mode is document dependent and set in Illustrator by File > Document Color Mode > CMYK Color or RGB Color.

If a document contains a Datylon chart, the document color mode cannot be changed anymore. 

But, there is a simple workaround: 

Copying charts from an RGB to a CMYK document or vice versa is possible. So select and cut all the charts (Cmd-X), convert the document to CMYK mode, and Paste in place (Cmd-Shift-V) de charts back. 

Note that when copying an RGB chart to a CMYK document, the colors are converted to the reduced CMYK color space.

Differences between working in CMYK vs. RGB color mode

  • Only Illustrator artboards created in RGB color mode can be uploaded as templates to the Datylon web app. 
  • When starting up Adobe Illustrator and creating or manipulating a Datylon chart for the first time in a CMYK document, there is a noticeable delay of several seconds before the charts are completely rendered. Please wait for the complete document to render. After this first delay, charts are rendered as normal until you close and re-open Illustrator again.
  • The pre-defined categorical, sequential and other Datylon color palettes are not available in CMYK.
  • CMYK mode does not support Datylon sequential continuous palettes. This means charts with  sequential continuous palettes in RGB cannot be copied to CMYK. 
  • The Illustrator Color Picker, including the swatches list, is used to select colors. 
  • Color swatches saved in the Illustrator color palette are visible within Datylon for Illustrator. Registration color swatches and global colors are not supported for Datylon charts. 
  • Color binding is done with CMYK values instead of HEX codes. See Binding colors for more details. 
  • Export to the Datylon web app is disabled in CMYK color mode as the Datylon web app is a RGB-only environment.
  • Spot colors are only supported in CMYK color mode.