What are the differences between the plug-in and the web app?

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The Datylon tools allow the user to create and share re-usable charts, reports, infographics, or data visualizations in general. There are two main components. 

These components can be used separately from each other, but also together, delivering the best of both worlds. Both modules have an editor on board to create charts and data visualizations.

The web app has extra features to share data visualizations online based on templates created with the web app or the plugin. This allows data owners to publish graphically rich charts and reports by simply uploading new data. 

Datylon for Illustrator on the other hand allows the chart designer to build more advanced charts and reports as it is integrated into Adobe's Illustrator graphic editor. A Datylon for Illustrator license also gives access to the web app. 

Below is an overview of the main differences between the two components: 

  Web app Plug-in
Chart types 12 different chart types  12 different chart types can be combined and layered on top of each other to build an endless variety of sophisticated charts
# Charts per document 1 if created in the web app. Templates can contain multiple charts Multiple charts
Fonts Includes a set of approx. 20 Google fonts. A very extensive set of most common fonts and font types are supported. 
Layout & Design  Except for chart styling, no design features.

Most Illustrator tools can be used to integrate and combine charts in a layout, using clipping masks, etc. 


Colors in multiple charts can be changed by using Illustrator's global color feature.  

Color modes RGB. RGB and CMYK.
Data import Via csv or xlsx files. Multiple charts at once in one document. Via csv or xlsx files. Multiple charts at once in one document.
Sharing Embed, share URL, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, email. Export to Datylon web app for sharing while keeping the data editable.
Output PDF, SVG, and PNG. Place in Adobe InDesign and export to all Illustrator output formats. Export to Datylon web app to be used as templates.
Price See pricing. See pricing.