How to save and export a chart made with Datylon for Illustrator

There are 2 ways a Datylon for Illustrator document, or data story, can be saved while preserving the data:

  1. Save as a native Illustrator file (.ai)
  2. Export to Datylon web app

Saving or exporting it to any other file format is of course possible but will disconnect all data and the ability to edit the charts with Datylon.

1. Save as a native Illustrator file (.ai)

Save your work as a native Illustrator file (.ai). All of your charts and the data behind it will be stored in this file and can be edited at a later stage when you have an active license of Datylon for Illustrator. In any case, the chart will always be visible, just like any SVG image. 

2. Export to Datylon wep app

Before exporting your work to Datylon web app, you need to save it first as a native .ai file. Then click Windows > Extensions > Datylon Account. A Datylon pane opens. if you are not signed in, enter your Datylon account email and password and Click Sign-in.

After that you can export the file to the Datylon web app and view or edit it there.