What are the file types supported for data import?

.xls, .xlsx and .csv

Next to typing or pasting data straight into the datasheets, data can also be uploaded/imported as files. This provides a convenient way to quickly populate your datasheets with existing data. The supported import file types are .csv and the Excel formats .xls and .xlsx.

When using .xls and .xlsx files, you have the advantage of being able to include multiple data sheets within a single file. This means that if you have different sets of data that you want to import, you can organize them into separate sheets within the same file. All of these data sheets will be loaded into your datasheets, as long as they are not empty.

On the other hand, if you are using .csv files, you can only have one datasheet within the file. This means that you need to ensure that all of your data is organized and formatted correctly within that single datasheet. However, this can still be a convenient option if you have a smaller amount of data to import.

For more information on how to import data using these file formats, you can refer to the documentation provided. It will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully upload your files and populate your datasheets with the desired information.