Heatmap properties

Below you will find in-depth user information about each property, what it does and how it can be applied

Many properties in the DATA section can be set overall for the whole chart, but also separately on data point level. See data point styling for more details.


Binding Tab

1 Dataset

2 Series

Styling Tab


1 Position and Size

1.1 Position Chart Area

1.2 Position Plot Area

2 Appearance

2.1 Chart Background

2.2 Plot Background


3 Cell

3.1 Gaps Between Cells

3.2 Corner Radius

4 Data Labels

4.1 Number Format

4.2 Character

4.3 Paragraph

4.4 Shadow

4.5 Background

Axes and Grid

5 Axis > Type: Categorical

5.1 Line

5.2 Ticks and Grid

5.3 Labels

5.3.1 Character

5.3.2 Paragraph

5.3.3 Shadow

5.3.4 Background


Binding Tab


First row (column) are headings

When enabled, the first row (column) of the dataset are headings.

When disabled, the first row (column) of the dataset is included in the data range.

Data is in Sets the way data is structured: in rows or columns. Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Data-is-in

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Name Text field to name the Series. By default, it is set to “New Series n”. The content of the name field behaves as an X-Axis label. Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Name
Category Used for binding categories visually presented as a Y-Axis.  Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Category
  If there are one or more empty cells, an empty category is added. Values of multiple empty categories will be merged into one category. Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Category-empty-cells
Value Used to bind values to the color of the cells. The bound column/row can represent only numerical values. Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Value
  If there are one or more empty cells, no heatmap cells are added. The order of categories remains unchanged. Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Value-Empty-Cells
Color Used for direct binding of colors presented as HTML color, HEX, RGB, or CMYK values. More on that here. Helpcenter-Properties-HeatMap-Binding-Color
Data Label Used for direct binding of labels.

Data labels binding overwrites the data labels represented by Values.

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Styling Tab



Cell >


Sets the color of the cells. For heatmap, the most useful color options are sequential and diverging palettes.

See more on color here.


Sets the stroke color and weight of the cell. 

Stroke > 
Cogwheel > Type

Allows to set two types of stroke placement:

  • Inner (the stroke is placed inside the cell)
  • Center (the stroke is placed equally on both sides of the cell border)

Stroke > Cogwheel >

Sets the type of the corner. There are two types available: Miter and Round. Available only if Center Type is applied.


Stroke >
Cogwheel > Dash

Sets the length and gap of the dashes.


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Sets width of the horizontal gap between cells.

The relative gap is measured as a percentage of the cell width.

The absolute gap is measured in absolute units set in Illustrator (px, mm, in, etc.).


Sets the height of the vertical gap between cells.

The relative gap is measured as a percentage of the cell height.

The absolute gap is measured in absolute units set in Illustrator (px, mm, in, etc.)


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Corner Radius

Applies rounded corners to the cells.

Separate settings for each corner can be applied by clicking on the cogwheel.


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