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Find more info Datylon for PowerPoint R55 and higher.


Datylon for PowerPoint R55 is the first version of the Datylon chart maker add-in for Powerpoint, soon to be released. It is specifically designed for individuals who are interested in using the highly regarded Datylon charts within Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you are interested, please provide your email here, and we will promptly notify you as soon as the add-in becomes available.


Datylon for PowerPoint is the latest addition to the Datylon chart maker lineup. With functionalities very similar to Datylon for Illustrator, this tool empowers you to design captivating on-brand charts and reports directly within PowerPoint. 

Alongside its unparalleled design capabilities, you'll discover the valuable "swap workbook" feature - a one-click solution to update all charts, in all slides at once, in your presentation deck. 

Additionally, custom-built templates created with Datylon for Illustrator can be conveniently downloaded from Datylon Report Studio. See below “How to download and use Datylon templates”.

Installation instructions and a brief tutorial are provided below. Much more useful information is available in the Datylon for Illustrator sections within the Help Center.

Known limitations

  • The Datylon charts are limited to using a set of default fonts. You can find a complete list of these fonts in this article.
  • When you scale a Datylon chart, the chart area will be re-rendered only when you apply the Refresh Selection or Refresh All option. This means that any changes to the size of the chart will be reflected in the rendering of the chart only after you refresh it using these options.
  • You can apply Powerpoint features such as color, rotation, and special effects to a Datylon chart. However, please note that these applied features will disappear when the chart is refreshed. To change the appearance of the chart, it is important to define the styling and formatting options within the Datylon panel.
  • Unlike Datylon for Illustrator, you cannot export templates to Datylon Report Studio with Datylon for PowerPoint. However, you can still download Datylon templates or designs and insert them into PowerPoint.
  • Datylon for Powerpoint might not work properly when OS locale/language settings is set to Arabic. 

How to install the Datylon for PowerPoint add-in. 

To install the plug-in, you can easily do so through the Microsoft Store. Simply go to the Insert tab in the top ribbon of PowerPoint and click on Get Add-ins. Search for "Datylon" and once you find the plug-in, click on "Add" to install it. Once installed, you're all set to start using it.

Supported applications: 

  • PowerPoint on Mac, version 16.59 or later
  • PowerPoint on Windows (Microsoft 365), version 2204 or later

How to find and use the Datylon add-in. 

To find and use the installed add-in, click on the Insert tab in the top ribbon of PowerPoint. Then click on the arrow of My Add-ins. On some versions of Microsoft Office, this button may read 'My Apps'. Select Datylon for PowerPoint. The Datylon tab will appear in your menu.

Creating a new chart

Press the Add Chart button under the Datylon tab. A Datylon for PowerPoint pop-up window will appear, allowing you to choose a chart from more than 130 defaults. 

When one of the defaults is selected, an editor opens. Here you can find more details about the user interface categories of the editor. Extended documentation of all chart properties is available here. After all the desired changes are made, click “OK” to place the chart on the slide.

After the chart is placed on the slide, it can be moved and resized as any other PowerPoint object.

Note that if you change the height/width ratio of the Datylon chart, the chart will be stretched accordingly. Click on the Refresh Selection button to re-render the chart, taking the new height/width ratio into account.

You can edit the chart and/or its data by clicking Edit Chart. 

If you want to rearrange, resize, or update multiple charts, a Refresh All button can be used to update all the charts from the entire document at once.

How to update one or more charts using swap workbook

Once you created a chart on one or multiple slides, you can update the data of the charts. Select a chart, and click on Edit chart in the Datylon menu. There you can edit the data, or copy it from any spreadsheet. 

To change complete datasheets of one or multiple charts at the same time, even over multiple slides, go to Manage Data in the editor and click the Swap workbook button (2 straight opposite arrows). Select Swap Workbook from file and load a new workbook with the exact same datasheet names. All of your charts linked to these datasheets will be updated. 

Read more about it here


How to load and use custom Datylon chart and report templates from Datylon Report Studio. 

Open the Daylon side pane

Go to the Datylon tab. Select Datylon Side Pane. A side pane will appear on the right side of the screen.

Sign in to your account 

To be able to use pre-made templates and designs from Datylon Report Studio, you need to sign in. It can be done via Datylon Side Pane. If you don’t have a Datylon account you can create one here.

Datylon Side Pane

After the log-in, all of the templates and designs can be seen in the Datylon Side Pane, as well as the folders where the designs can be placed for workflow optimization. 

You can use Datylon Side Pane to add your designs or templates to the slide. To do that click on the desired design/template. 

Note that drag-and-drop of the design/template will create a static image that will be placed on the slide. This image won’t be available for editing. 

By clicking the pen icon on the top of the template/design you will be redirected to the page of the corresponding template/design where you can edit it.


Filtering of the asset type is available via a drop-down menu. Possible options are: All Designs, Templates, and the list of the user folders that were previously created.


The refresh button allows you to update the state of the side pane in case some updates were made in Datylon Report Studio.