How to embed and share Datylon charts online

Learn how to embed and share Datylon charts on various online platforms.

1. Create a Datylon design online. Use one of the two options:

  1. Export a template from Datylon for Illustrator to Datylon Report Studio. See more details here
    1. Save your Illustrator document as a native .ai file.
    2. Then click Windows > Extensions > Datylon Import & Export. A Datylon pane opens. If you are not signed in, enter your Datylon account email and password and click Sign-in.
    3. Export the file to the Datylon Datylon Report Studio. Right-click on the template and hit Create design. See here for more info on how to export a template from Datylon for Illustrator. 
  2. Create a design from scratch in the Datylon Report Studio.
    More on how to get started and create designs here.

2. Publish the design:

Either open the design and click Publish (a) or right-click on the design on the overview page and select Publish (b).



3. Share & Embed

Go to the Publications tab, right-click the publication you want to share, and select Share & Embed.

You can also select the publication and proceed to the given publication page. Then click the three dots button and select Share & Embed.

The visualization can then be shared via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Mail. It can be embedded into a website too, using provided HTML code.