Datylon R56 - Release Notes | 2023 Dec 20

Datylon Report Studio, Datylon Online Chart Maker

Datylon Report Studio has undergone a small makeover. The homepage now features the Inspiration templates, which can be used either online (click on the template and then Edit) or in Datylon for Illustrator (click on the template and then on the link in the description to download the AI file). The templates can also be filtered according to their category.

Our plugins are now consolidated under one roof in the Plugin tab, and more information about your subscription can be found behind the "More" (3 dots) button on the top right > Account Settings > Subscriptions.

Datylon for Illustrator

The Datylon Import & Export pane (formerly called Datylon Account) is now clearly separated from the Datylon sign-in pane, which you need to activate your license. 

Furthermore, we have incorporated various custom features and made some enhancements to optimize performance under the hood.


Datylon for PowerPoint, pre-release

Still under testing but available for you to try out. See more info here