Datylon R52 - Release Notes | 2022 Dec 9

Datylon for Illustrator and web app

Difference area chart

Although called an area chart, look for this chart type in the Datylon Line chart family. With a few clicks, you can create a compelling area difference chart, perfectly suited to display an uncertainty range or a difference between two metrics over time for instance. An area chart fills the area between the line and an axis, the difference area chart however fills the area between two lines. Look at our samples on our Inspiration page or start making a difference yourself! (pun intended).

To try it out, go to Styling > Line > Fill Area > Fill Type > Between. Or Styling > Series > Line > Fill Area > Fill Type > Between. Note that the behaviour on global level is different than on Series level. You can find more info about this is the Line chart property page

Trend line in scatter plot

A trend line in a scatter plot helps to visualize the trend or cause & effect relationship between variables. A concept frequently used in statistics. The four most common regression types are supported; of course, like any object in Datylon, you have full control over the look and feel of the line.  Create a scatter plot and find the regression line in Styling > Analysis > Trendline. More info here

It’s all in the details

We value freedom of design a lot. Therefore we continue adding styling options to our charts that allow you to control even the most minor details. New options include: 

  • A choice between butt or round caps and miter or round corners for any line in a chart like an axis, grid line, the line of a line chart, a regression line, etc. Go to Styling > any line > Stroke and click the cog wheel to change the cap or corner mode.  
    And to make perfect circular dots, select Round set Dash on "0". 
  • A baseline shift of text makes any type of font align well both on the positive and negative sides of a vertical bar chart. Go to any label > Character > Size and click the cog wheel to see the option to change the baseline shift.

Datylon for Illustrator only

Adobe Illustrator 2023

As we are committed to staying on the edge of technology, we already support the latest version of Adobe Illustrator (v27) since its release. Check it out!

Datylon web app only

Folders for improved file management

More and more customers use the Datylon web app to produce frequent recurring charts or reports. To ease the management of this growing number of designs and reports, we created folders that you can name at your own preference.