Datylon R37 - Release Notes | 2020 Mar 18

Finally data driven coloring! Superb new color features, largely increasing efficiency and freedom of design

Categorical driven coloringimage2

Numerical driven coloringimage3-1

    • Data driven coloring: Color your bars, pie slices, scatter data marks, heatmaps and icon arrays using the palette picker. See more info in a specific article..
    • Option to reverse the order of colors in a palette.
    • Continuous sequential, diverging and categorical equal weight palettes. 
    • Solid color picker and gradient fill: Select single color swatches from a palette. More info in an extended article..


    Improved data management

    • Forced "return" allowed in datasheet header
    • Rename Workbook



    • From now on, when selecting a chart, the Datylon Graph pane returns to the section where it was left.
    • Various bugfixes.