Datylon R33 - Release Notes | 2019 Nov 28


  • Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator: Beta v0.33.0
  • Datylon Insights: Beta v0.33.0

Highlights Datylon Graph

Improved Bar Chart

  • More rounding options in multi-series Bar Charts.
    Try out the options in Styling > Data > Bars

  • Option to change the series alignment position in a diverging Bar Chart.
    Styling > Bars > Multi-Series > Diverging > Series Alignment Position 
  • Smart Data Marks positioning, specifically in case of negative values

Added more text and paragraph styling options for Labels

  • Tracking: sets the space between characters

  • Leading: sets the distance between lines

Improved user interface

  • Improved icon ordering in Icon Array
  • More logical user interface layout of General properties

  • Added info tooltips on some properties

  • Data sheet manager:
    Drag & drop Data Sheets across workbooks. Make sure to use unique names within one workbook.  

Added features in CMYK mode

  • Color binding with CMYK values: Specify CMYK colors in your data as CCC,MMM,YYY,KKK using whole numbers between 0-100 separated by commas.
  • Gradient colors: In the Color Picker, you can now select CMYK colors for Start and End points of gradients. 

Improved font support

  • OpenType (.otf) fonts are now supported. See this article for more information. 

Improved Installation

  • Datylon Graph is installed on all supported Adobe Illustrator versions available on your computer. Uninstalling removes Datylon Graph from all Illustrator versions.

New licensing policy Datylon Graph

  • From now on, registered Beta users have free access to Datylon Graph Beta versions for a period of 60 days after its release.
  • You can find the number of remaining days before expiration in the Illustrator menu: Help > About Datylon > Datylon Graph…
  • Stay tuned as we plan to release one or more Beta versions in the coming weeks.

    Highlights Datylon Insights

    • Demo data stories including download links to the native Illustrator files are available in Datylon Insights. We are adding more demo files on a regular basis, so visit us regularly for inspiration. 
    • Demo templates can be used when creating stories

    • Added d3 color palettes in the online editor