About fonts in Datylon

Learn about supported fonts in Datylon

There is quite a difference regarding supported fonts in Datylon for Illustrator versus the Datylon web app. Therefor the below article is split in one section per app.  

Tip: Use the filter in any Datylon font selector to quickly find the right font. Just type a text string and all font names containing that string will be shown in the list. To see the full list again, delete the text string typed. 

Datylon web app

In the web app, some default fonts are available together with the most popular Google fonts. See the list below: 

Google fonts


Default fonts

Roboto   AnonymousPro-Regular.ttf
Roboto Condensed   AnonymousPro-Bold.ttf
Roboto Mono   AnonymousPro-Italic.ttf
Roboto Slab   AnonymousPro-BoldItalic.ttf
Open Sans   PTSans-Regular.ttf
Open Sans Condensed   PTSans-Bold.ttf
Noto Sans   PTSans-Italic.ttf
Noto Sans JP   PTSans-BoldItalic.ttf
Lato   PTSerif-Regular.ttf
Montserrat   PTSerif-Bold.ttf
Source Sans Pro   PTSerif-Italic.ttf
Oswald   PTSerif-BoldItalic.ttf


On top of that, fonts embedded in the templates which are used to create new charts can also be used. 

Datylon for Illustrator

In Datylon for Illustrator the most commonly used fonts are supported. The below article describes which fonts are currently supported or not. We continue to work on extending the list, so please feel free to contact us in case you are looking for a specific font. 

Currently Supported fonts

Datylon for Illustrator supports the following font types:

  • TrueType (.ttf)
  • TrueType Collection (.ttc)
  • OpenType (.otf)*
  • Adobe Creative Cloud fonts

To view which fonts are available for Illustrator, and to check if they are supported in Datylon, you can open the Character panel (Ctrl +T) in Illustrator and check the drop down list:


Only Adobe Creative Cloud fonts, or fonts that are installed in the system font folder can be used in Datylon for Illustrator.

Default fonts

The following default fonts are installed during the installation of Datylon for Illustrator:

Default fonts

When a Datylon chart is exported from Illustrator to the webapp (Illustrator menu: Windows > Extensions  > Datylon Account > Export to Datylon), the above default fonts are not embedded but retrieved online via public links. To embed also the defaults fonts in the exported file, check the option Embed fonts

All other fonts are embedded, regardless if the Embed fonts option is checked or not. 

Known limitations

  • Some fonts cause problems in CMYK documents
  • Some users have reported issues with the following fonts
    • On Mac: Apple, NotoSerif, NotoSans, Stix and Skia
  • *OpenType Variable fonts are not supported
    • OpenType Variable fonts are not supported in Datylon as such and therefor do not appear in the Datylon for Illustrator font selection list.
    • OpenType Variable fonts are a kind of collection fonts, similar to TrueType Collection fonts, and are used to store a range of design variants in one single font file. As opposed to regular single OpenType font (.otf’s) which only includes one single variant in the font file.
  • In case fonts are disabled or removed from the system folder while Illustrator is still open, they might stil be visible in the Datylon font selector. This could also create inconsistencies when exporting charts to the Datylon web app. To overcome this, restart Illustrator when fonts are de-installed or de-activated. 

Find some more info on fonts in Datylon for Illustrator here

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