How can I try and buy Datylon for Illustrator?

Trying and buying Datylon for Illustrator is done in a few simple steps: 
  1. To try out Datylon for Illustrator or purchase a subscription, you need a free Datylon account. To create one, follow this link and click "Join". We then send you a verification mail.
  2. Confirm the verification mail within 24 hours. 
  3. After your confirmation, you have free access to the Datylon web app, can try out the plugin for 14 days or can purchase the plugin here for either a monthly or an annual subscription.
  4. To get started, download the latest version of the plugin from the Datylon Report Studio, install it to try it out and activate your subscription once you purchased one. See how in this article: Download, Install and activate Datylon for Illustrator
    In case you purchase a subscription for someone else, please follow the steps as described here

A Datylon for Illustrator license is based on a unique combination of your Datylon account and your Adobe ID. So once you have activated the trial or a subscription, the Adobe ID can only be changed every 6 months.