How to assign Datylon for Illustrator seats

Learn where to find Datylon for Illustrator license keys and how to assign them.

After you purchased a subscription with one or more Datylon for Illustrator seats for someone else, you can assign them to those other users following the steps below. 

If you purchase one or more Datylon for Illustrator seats using your Datylon account, and you install the plug-in using that same Datylon account, an available license key will be automatically assigned to you without needing to copy the license key.

Once a license key is assigned, it can only be unassigned and re-assigned once every 6 months!


Open the Subscription page

Click here and sign in with your Datylon account you used to purchase the subscription and go to the Subscription page. Or you can navigate your way to it by clicking on Account Settings under the More (3 vertical dots) menu. Then click on Subscription in the menu to the left.  datylon report studio inspiration page

Copy and forward the license key

Click on the copy icon next to a License key.

datylon report studio subscription page

Then paste the license key in an email or any other messaging app, and send it to the assigned user(s).

sending a licence key for datylon for illustratorIf needed, include instructions to the assigned user about how to install the plugin and enter a license key by copying the below link into the mail or the messaging app:

Once an assigned user has entered the license key in Datylon for Illustrator, you will see a corresponding Adobe ID in the Adobe ID column, next to the license key.

adobe id next to the licence key

Manage seats

In case you need to re-assign a license key to another user, you need to unassign it first by clicking on the 'unlink' icon to the right. 

A license key can only be unassigned once every 6 months!

un-assigning adobe id from the licence key

After unassigning the key, you can re-assign it to another user by following the steps above.