SVG, PNG and PDF export in Datylon web app

How to export Datylon charts from web app

Every design, publication and inspiration chart can be exported to SVG, PNG or PDF file. Templates can be exported only to SVG or PNG file. 

There are two ways to export a chart:

  1. Export from the main page. In this case you should Control-Click (MacOS) or Right Click (Windows)  the chart you want to export and choose the file type.

  2. Export from the chart page in the Chart Maker. First open the chart by clicking on it, then click on the more button (three horizontal dots) and choose the file type.

SVG files are scalable and can be used in various sizes without loosing sharpness in the linework & text. Also SVG file downloaded from Datylon web app can be used for creating new templates. Read more about this here.

PNG files downloaded from Datylon web app are scaled 3x compared to the original width and height of the Datylon chart.

PDF files are exported in PDF version 1.4.