How to work with Datylon templates online

This video shows how to load and share templates, and use them to create new charts or reports

With your Datylon account, you can access the webapp and create charts starting from templates. You can share the templates with others, who can update the charts or reports simply by importing new data.

The templates can either be exported from Datylon for Illustrator, or created from a chart in the web app itself. In short, these are the steps: 

  1. Create a chart in the Datylon web app, or in Datylon for Illustrator. In this help center, you'll find many articles on how to create a chart. 
  2. Create a template from the chart
    1. Datylon web app: save your chart as SVG and upload it as a template as shown in the video.
    2. Datylon for Illustrator: Save the document and go to Windows > Extensions > Datylon Account. Sign-in, name the template and export. 
  3. Use the template to create a new chart as shown in the video.