How to work with Datylon templates online

This article shows how to load and share templates, and use them to create new charts or reports.

Creating a Datylon template using Datylon for Illustrator

  1. Create a document with one or multiple Datylon charts.
  2. Save it as a native Illustrator file (.ai).
  3. Go to Windows Extensions Datylon Account. A Datylon pane opens, if you are not signed in, enter your Datylon account email and password and click Sign-in. After that, you can export the file to the Datylon Report Studio

Creating a Datylon template using the Datylon Report Studio

  1. Create a design using other templates, default, or inspiration charts: Docs > Designs > Create Design.
  2. After saving the new design right-click the design card on the overview page or click three dots on the design page and select Copy as Template.

Sharing and uploading templates

  1. Every Template, Design, Publication, or Inspiration chart can be saved as an SVG file:
    In the Datylon platform, go to Docs and then to the relevant type (e.g. Templates). Right click on the document and select Download SVG

  2. This SVG file can be shared with others and uploaded as a new template. For this go to Docs > Templates > Upload Template. 

    You can also overwrite an existing template and keep the existing UUID (URL). Go to Docs > Templates and select a template. Then click Edit and upload your SVG.