Datylon Graph user interface basics

Where to find the Datylon Graph features

3 places to find Datylon Graph functionality


Datylon icon

  • Can be found in the basic toolbar on the left. If not visible, add it to the basic toolbar by clicking the 3 dots underneath the basic toolbar. This will open a list with all available tools. 
  • One click on the Datylon icon allows you to drag a chart area box on the artboard. After dragging the chart area box, the Datylon Graph panel opens.
  • Double clicking the Datylon Icon opens the Datylon Graph panel. Select a Datylon chart to view its data and properties.

Window > Extensions > Datylon Graph

  • Opens the Datylon Graph panel

Window > Extensions > Datylon Insights

  • To login and export your work to the Datylon Graph platform


The 2 panes of the Datylon Graph panel


  • On the left, the data pane with the Manage data button and the Data sheet name field where you can change the name of the datasheet
  • On the right, the Chart Property pane with the Select Chart button and the Chart Name field where you can change the name of the Datylon chart element*.

Either pane can be closed and opened by clicking the small arrows on the bar in between the 2 panes.


Property Pane

In the property pane you'll find and 3 tabs:

Bindings tab

Mainly to bind, or link, rows and columns in the data to the data driven properties. See also Binding colors and other properties. It is important the data is structured as a pivot table for the selected chart. Charts will not be rendered and error messages will appear if the data does not match the chart type.


Formatting tab

Formatting allows you to format the input data column per column or row per row so the data is suited to be visualized. Select a column/row from the upper list and pick one of the 3 choices: Text, Number or Date & Time. 

See more in the following article: Incoming data formatting in Datylon Graph.


Styles tab

Contains a whole series of properties to style the appearance of your chart. The properties are grouped into sections for ease of use. The sections and the properties underneath depend on the selected chart type.


*Naming datasheets and chart elements

Datylon charts and datasheet names can only be changed in the Datylon Graph panel, and not in the Adobe Illustrator layer panel. 

Chart names can contain any character and spaces. 

Data sheet names cannot contain special characters like ?/*[]: or \