Text object properties

Below you can find in-depth user information about each property, what it does and how it can be applied

Binding Tab

1 Dataset

2 Series

Styling Tab


1 Position and Size

1.1 Size

1.2 Margins (Fixed Position Margins only)

2 Appearance

2.1 Chart Background

2.2 Plot Background


3 Text

3.1 Font


Text decoration options



Text placeholders





Binding Tab


First row/column are headings

When enabled, the first row (column) of the dataset are headings.

When disabled, the first row (column) of the dataset is included in the data range.



Data is in Sets the way data is structured: in rows or columns. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Binding-Data-is-in

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Name Text field to name the Series. By default, it is set to “New Series n”. In the Text Object, only one series is available. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Binding-Name
Text Sets the text that will be placed. Every cell in the given row/column represents a new paragraph. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Binding-Text
Tag Name Sets the tag name that could be placed in the Text column/row and will be linked to replaceable text in Tag Value column/row.

The syntax of the tag is the following:
Tag Value Sets the value that is linked to the tag and will be placed into the text instead of the tag placeholder.

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Styling Tab



Chart Rotation Rotates the whole chart area preserving the width and height ratio. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Appearance-Chart-rotation

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Horizontal Align Aligns the text left, centered, or right. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Text-Horizontal-Align

Justify all lines excluding the last line.

Vertical Align Aligns the text with the top, center or bottom. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Text-Vertical-Align
Right Wrap Wrap the text in the plot area. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Right Wrap
Paragraph Spacing Sets space between paragraphs. A paragraph is a text inside one cell. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Paragraph-Spacing

Sets the spacing between adjacent lines of text.

"0" will make the lines fall on top of each other. "1" is the default leading.


Sets the amount of tracking in the text.

Tracking is the spacing between characters.

The value can either be positive or negative. "0" is the default tracking value.


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Sets font style, color, and size. When clicking the cogwheel one has two text decoration options: crossed text and underlined text.

See more on fonts here.
Fit Sets the font to the size that makes the text fit the maximum possible space inside the chart area. Helpcenter-Properties-Text-Object-Fit

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Text decoration options

Text decoration of characters or complete words in the data of a Text object can be applied by using specifiers before and after the word.

Only a continuous string, without spaces, can be formatted. Multiple words with spaces in between need to be formatted individually.

The specifiers need to be added before and after the word.


The different supported decoration options are:

+Underline+ This is  a +string+ of text. This is a string of text.
^superscript^ This is  a ^string^ of text. Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 18.32.52

~subscript~ This is  a ~string~ of text. Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 18.34.08

Color This is {color:#abc333}string{color} of text. Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 18.36.05

Non-breaking space

for Windows: Alt+0160

for Mac: Option+Space


Hard return



Overrule styling




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Text placeholders

A string of text in a Text object can contain a placeholder for data.

A placeholder is delimited with double curly brackets and contains a tag name e.g.

 {{tag: birthdate}}

The Tag name and Tag value (the actual text) have to be bound to the respective columns/rows under the Binding tab in the Datylon editor. 

When properly bound, the below dataset will result in the following sentence in the Text object: 

The content of a text object can be data bound.
Text Tag name Tag value
The {{tag: firstWord}} of a {{tag: secondWord}} can be {{tag: thirdWord}}. firstWord content
  secondWord text object
  thirdWord data bound


The below sample can be found as one of the default Text object charts in the Datylon chart maker or Datylon for Illustrator.

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 13.17.42