Icon chart properties

Below you will find in-depth user information about each property, what it does and it can be applied

Many properties in the DATA section can be set overall for the whole chart, but also separately on the data point level. See data point styling for more details. 

Binding Tab

1 Dataset

2 Series

Styling Tab


1 Position and Size

1.1 Position Chart Area

1.2 Position Plot Area

2 Appearance

2.1 Chart Background

2.2 Plot Background


3 Icons

3.1 Sorting

3.2 Symbol

3.3 Distribution

4 Category Labels

4.1 Character

4.2 Paragraph

4.3 Background

5 Data Labels

5.1 Character

5.2 Paragraph

5.3 Background


Binding Tab


First row (column) are headings

When enabled, the first row (column) of the dataset are headings.

When disabled, the first row (column) of the dataset is included in the data range.

Data is in Sets the way data is structured: in rows or columns. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Data-Is-In

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Name Text field to name the Series. By default, it is set to “New Series n”. In the Icon chart, only one series is available. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Name
Category Used to bind categories. Every category is represented by one icon. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Category
  If there are empty cells in the category column, no category labels will be plotted. The icons will still appear. The only exception is when only Category is bound. In this case, the corresponding icon will disappear. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Category-Empty-Cells

Used to bind the data to the color of the icon. The bound column/row can represent categorical, numerical, or datetime values. By default, it’s formatted as a categorical value. The type of data can be adjusted in the Formatting tab.

Colors can be presented directly as HTML names, HEX, RGB, or CMYK values. More on that here.

To use direct coloring the color of icons should be set to “None” under Styling > Data > Icons > Color.

Size Used to bind the data to the size of the icon. The bound column/row should contain only numerical values. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Size
  If some of the values in the Size column are missing then the corresponding icons are not shown. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Size-Empty-Cells
Icon Used for direct binding. Data should contain the naming of an icon type. Possible values are listed here. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Icon
Data Label Used for direct binding of the data label. Data cells in the corresponding row/column could contain any type of data but it will be treated as text. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Binding-Data-Lables

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Styling Tab


Chart Orientation Sets the orientation as horizontal or vertical. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Orientation

Aligns icons:

1. To the top

2. To the center

3. To the bottom


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Color Sort icons based on the value that is bound to Color Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Sorting-Color
Size Sort icons based on the value that is bound to Value Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Sorting-Size

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Evenly Distributed (value field is visible when "Evenly Distributed" is turned on)

Distribution icon centers within the plot area.

When the value is 100%, centers of the first and last icons are placed on the edge of the chart area when Styling > Plot Area > Fixed Position > Margin is set to 0.

When Styling >Plot Area> Autofit is enabled, the icons will always stay within the plot area.

Padding (visible when "Evenly Distributed" turned off)

Distributes icons based on space between icon edges.

When the value is 100% the size of the icons reduces to zero, so they become invisible.



Evenly Distributed (value field is visible when "Evenly Distributed" is turned on) Distributes icon centers in absolute value. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Evenly-Distribution-Absolute-Evenly-Distributed-On
Max Size Sets the size of the icon with the largest value or Max Value Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Evenly-Distribution-Absolute-Evenly-Distributed-Off-Max-Size
Min Value, Max Value Set the value for the smallest and biggest icons. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Evenly-Distribution-Absolute-Evenly-Distributed-Min-Max-Value
Spacing (visible when "Evenly Distributed" turned off) Distributes icons based on space between icon edges in absolute values. Helpcenter-Properties-Icon-Chart-Evenly-Distribution-Absolute-Evenly-Distributed-Off

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