Dot plot properties

Below you will find in-depth user information about each property, what it does and how it can be applied

Many properties in the DATA section can be set overall for the whole chart, but also separately on the data point level. See data point styling for more details.



1 Position and Size

1.1 Position Chart Area

1.2 Position Plot Area

2 Appearance

2.1 Chart Background

2.2 Plot Background


3. Data Marks

3.1 Symbol

3.2 Connector

4 Data Labels

4.1 Number Format

4.2 Character

4.3 Paragraph

4.4 Shadow

4.5 Background

Axes and Grid

5 Numerical Axis

5.1 Number Format

5.2 Line

5.3 Major Ticks and Grid

5.4 Minor Ticks and Grid

5.5 Labels

6 Categorical Axis

6.1 Line

6.2 Ticks and Grid

6.3 Labels


Data Marks >

Chart Orientation Defines the X-axis as horizontal or vertical Helpenter-Properties-Dot-plot-Chart-orientation

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Connector Sets the color, weight and dash properties of a line that connects the first and last dots inside one category Helpenter-Properties-Dot-plot-Connector

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