How to apply sub- and superscript and other text styling options in labels

Learn how to add subscript, superscript, non-braking space, hard return, and other label styling options right in the data pane.

These styling options can be applied in the data or in certain properties that add content to labels (Prefix, Suffix, Direct labels).

Overview of currently available styling options and their symbols:

Superscript ^string^
Subscript ~string~
Underline +string+
Styling combinations ~+string+~
Non-breaking space for Windows: Alt+0160
for Mac: Option+Space
Hard return \n
Overrule styling \

You can style the text using special symbols:


1. Superscript

To add a superscript place the text between two "^" signs
2. Subscript To add a subscript place the text between two "~" signs
3. Underline To underline the text place it between two "+" signs
4. Styling combinations Combinations of the above mentioned styling options are also available.
(except for using sub- and superscript at the same time)
5. Overrule styling To overrule a symbol that is used for styling, a "\" symbol should be placed before that symbol
6. Non-breaking space To add a non-breaking space press a combination of keys:
for Windows: Alt+0160
for Mac: Option+Space
7. Hard return To add a hard return enter "\n" in the place where a hard return should be placed