How to create a chart with multiple data series

Learn how to work with data series in Datylon

Some Datylon charts allow for visualizing multiple series.
The following Datylon charts support multiple series:

Bar, Line, Area charts and Heat maps.

How to create series

The series are created under the Binding tab.

Click on the + sign under Binding > Series to add a serie. You can delete series by clicking on the - sign next to the series name. 

Change order of series

You can change the order of the series as they appear in the chart by dragging them up and down in Styling > Series. Note that if you have bound a color palette to the series, this also means the palette is reassigned according to the new series order. 




Styling and Reset styling of series

In Datylon Graph, you can style elements of multiple series globally, but many properties can also be set per series separately under Styling > Series.

Changing a property in Styling > Series will overwrite the global settings, only for that specific series.


To indicate the global settings are overwritten, you'll find a blue dot in the property's section name, and next to specific property itself that is changed. 



To reset the local series property back to a global property again, click the blue dot.