How the charts are structured in Datylon chart maker

Understand how Datylon charts are built up

Each Datylon chart consists out of two parts: a chart and a data sheet.

The chart

The chart itself is the graphical representation you see on the screen. Each chart is made up out of chart components like bars, lines, labels, axes, etc.

The data sheet

This contains the data which is used to render a chart. the data sheet can be viewed and edited in the data pane within the Datylon panel. The data is stored in Sheets that are grouped in Workbooks. The sheets are named "Element_n_data" where "n" is a number. 

Datylon for Illustrator:

The charts are given a default name in Illustrator: "Element_n", where "n" is a number. Note that the name of the chart objects shall not be changed in the Illustrator layers pane, otherwise the link with the data will be lost. The name of the sheets can only be changed in the Datylon panel. 

Every chart has data linked to it, but not every data sheet has to be linked to a chart. The data sheets can be stored within the Datylon document for later use, even if they are not connected to a chart.