The Datylon editor windows in Illustrator are too large.

The panes in the Datylon for Illustrator user interface are very large and cannot be sized down. Read here how to fix it.

In some cases, when using Datylon for Illustrator for the first time or after an upgrade, you may encounter an issue where the Datylon editor windows appear too large and cannot be resized. This can make it difficult to access certain properties and features within the editor.

To resolve this issue, there are a couple of options you can try. One option is to drag the Datylon panel into the Adobe Illustrator Properties panel. This will allow you to consolidate the Datylon editor within the Properties panel, making it easier to navigate and access all the necessary functions.

Alternatively, you can go to the Illustrator menu and navigate to Windows > Extensions > Datylon Account. This will open the sign-in screen for exporting Datylon templates, which can be resized to the appropriate dimensions. Once the sign-in screen is sized correctly, the Datylon Editor panel will automatically adjust to fit the same size.