Datylon R40 - Release Notes | 2020 Jul 14

Datylon for Illustrator: Monthly subscriptions!

if you are a less frequent user, you can now also enjoy the benefits of a fully featured Datylon for Illustrator plugin, right when you need it.

Smoother creation and managing of charts in Datylon web app

  • Next to templates exported from Datylon for Illustrator, samples in our Inspiration page can now be selected as templates when creating a new chart design. 
  • Designs, Workbooks and Templates can easily be copied from within the editor.


Fixes or new features in Datylon for Illustrator & Datylon web app:

  • Numerical axis labels of stacked percentage bar chart range from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 1.
  • Added: Numerical and Datetime axis types in bar chart.
  • Added: Three new custom palettes with vibrant colors.
  • Improved general stability.