Datylon R36 - Release Notes | 2020 Feb 10


  • Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator: R36
  • Datylon Insights: R36

Highlights Datylon Graph R36

  • Our customer release!
    You can now purchase an annual subscription to Datylon Graph, including all software updates and support. A 14 day free trial can be downloaded at: https://insights.datylon.com/plugin.

  • Improved color selection
    • Opacity is now set separately for every color type (solid, palette or gradient).
    • Colors selected from a palette can be adjusted further in solid color type.
    • Tooltips showing the color name now available in Datylon color palettes.

      illustrator swatches

  • Improved formatting of numerical labels e.g. data or axis labels:
    Number of decimals can now be set by Styling > any numerical label > Number Format > Precision. When left empty, the number of decimals is copied from the data sheet.
  • More anchor points for data labels placement in Line, Area and Scatter charts.
    Go to Styling > Data Labels > Anchor Point.
  • Axes: Improved and more consistent offset behavior.

  • And as far as we could, we fixed reported bugs.


Highlights Datylon Insights R36

  • All is set up to purchase and manage your subscription under Account Settings.