Datylon R34 - Release Notes | 2019 Dec 19


  • Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator: Beta v0.34.0
  • Datylon Insights: Beta v0.34.0

Highlights Datylon Graph R34

  • Support for spot colors. In CMYK mode only. 
    • First define a spot color as usual in Illustrator.
    • To apply it in a Datylon chart, select the chart, go to the property you want to change and hit Color. You’ll find the spot colors in the list under Solid > Color > Color Swatches.
  • Improved data and categorical label behavior for multi series bar charts.
    • When Smart Labels is disabled, the bar chart labels are positioned exactly like set in the first section of Data Labels (or Category Labels) independent on negative/positive data values or the available space on the bars.
    • Smart Labels enabled, positions the labels taking available space and negative/positive data values into account. Also the offset direction depends on those factors.
    • With Smart Labels enables, some properties like Horizontal Alignment are ignored and overruled by the Smart Labels settings. 
  • Improved user interface:
    • Link colors: the color of data marks & labels and direct labels can be linked to the color of a bar, line, area, scatter mark or pie slice.
    • Some tooltips are added for your convenience.
  • More features added in the data sheet manager.