Datylon R29 - Release Notes | 2019 Aug 21

Datylon Graph, Datylon Insights Editor


  • Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator: Beta v0.29
  • Datylon Insights Editor: Beta v0.29


  • Re-using charts is an essential benefit of Datylon Graph. Updating a chart with new data has never been easier with the Swap Workbook function. In the Data Sheet Manager, you now can swap complete workbooks and all the data sheets included in it as long as the sheets in the workbook have the same name.datasheetmanager2
  • We added a new type of chart: Arrow chart.arrow-chart, adobe illustrator chart, Datylon Graph
  • The Pie chart is improved and includes more options like rotation, rounding, connectors and other funky label options. pie chart, adobe illustrator plug-in, dataviz
  • We are taking our first steps into input data formatting functionality. You’ll find an extra tab next to Bindings and Styles. This is a work in progress, but a simple and very useful feature is that now you can choose a comma or point as a decimal separator. Go to Format, select a column/row and select Number.
  • Fixed reported bugs

Datylon Insights editor

  • Improved description section in Story: possibility to use links and longer text with paragraphs
  • Improved PDF export of Stories and Publications