Datylon R26 - Release Notes | 2019 Jun 19

Datylon Graph, Beta Version 0.26 Datylon Insights Editor, Beta Version 0.26


  • Datylon Graph: Beta v0.26
  • Datylon Insights Editor: Beta v0.26


  • Added Line chart, Area chart and Heat map
  • Improved Styles user interface
  • Improved paragraph styling of TextObject
  • Fix: Support for non-latin characters in font names

Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator

  • Improved performance Datylon Graph when used offline
  • Ability to move & copy Datylon objects across documents
  • Consistent behavior of undo and Ctrl Z
  • Support key shortcuts Mac (Cmd+c, Cmd+v, Cmd+d, Opt copy) or Windows (Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v, Ctrl+d and Alt copy)
  • Embed fonts when exporting templates to Datylon Insights
  • Improved error handling during exporting

Datylon Insights editor

  • Open access to publications on Datylon Insights, even for non-registered users
  • Improved performance while working with multiple visualizations
  • Improved error and warning messages