Datylon R25 - Release Notes | 2019 Apr 17

Datylon Graph, Datylon Insights Editor


  • Datylon Graph: Beta v0.25
  • Datylon Insights Editor: Beta v0.25


  • Support of non-latin characters in template’s file name
  • Improved UI Styles
  • Added auto correction to numeric input fields


  • Introduced inner padding in percentages
  • Over 90 inner padding in PlotlyBarChart
  • Fixed intersection of axes in Bar chart, Scatter chart
  • Fixed auto size property with vertical alignment in TextObjects
  • Improved performance of TextObject
  • Fixed text wrap in Percentile chart (now Benchmark chart)
  • Support date/time for 'x' value in PlotlyLineChart
  • Fixed wrap in TextObject
  • Changed position of all labels at top of both axes in Scatter chart
  • Improved Justify option for text in TextObject chart
  • Introduced Auto size option as default value in TextObject chart
  • Changed default visualization for Scatter chart
  • Added label properties and zero line in Axes for Plotly charts
  • Introduced custom amount of tick marks and labels in Axes for Plotly charts
  • Introduced new options in PlotlyPie chart: sorted/unsorted, clockwise/counterclockwise, pull, border width and color, label formatting

Datylon Graph specific

  • Added possibility to open Datylon Graph via doubleclick on Datylon icon
  • Improved interaction between panels Datylon Graph and Datylon Insights
  • Fixed issue with y axis line is invisible when line width = 0 in Scatter Chart
  • Removed dark lines across chart in Plotly charts
  • Fixed Ctrl+z on multiple Datylon and AI objects
  • Improved interaction between several documents in AI with Datylon objects

Datylon Insights specific

  • Improved performance while working with multiple visualizations
  • Fixed incorrect warning on template selection
  • Improved showing of rendering errors without scroll