Datylon R24 - Release Notes | 2019 Apr 04


  • Improved Data Management
  • Correct units in properties


  • Improved color picker
  • Improved font selector
  • No font size limitation
  • Fixed 'Short Notation' option
  • Added ‘Show zero’ setting to X & Y-axis of Scatter Chart
  • Implemented decimal step for ‘Line Height’ property in Scatter Chart
  • Fixed usage of gradient color in Scatter Chart
  • Improved drop shadow in Scatter Chart. Note it does not render yet in Illustrator.
  • Changed from square line cap to butt line cap in Bar Chart and Scatter Chart
  • Improved reverse sorting for Pie Chart
  • Fixed stroke option in multiple Pie Chart inside one template
  • Introduced leading and tracking in Text Object
  • Added radial gradient direction in Scatter Chart
  • Aligned x-axis and y-axis with options in Bar Chart and Scatter Chart
  • Added logarithmic scale option to x-axis and y-axis in Scatter Chart
  • Introduced Percentile Chart (now Benchmark Chart) and Plotly Tree Map Chart

Datylon Graph specific

  • Added copy and paste Datylon objects across files
  • Improved multi-selection feature for Datylon and AI objects
  • Fixed correct positioning of Datylon object after several manipulations in a row
  • Support doubleclick on Datylon object for opening Datylon Graph panel

Datylon Insights specific

  • Added ‘Saved’ indication on changing password
  • Bug fixes behavior in Sheets
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed re-uploading of an Excel/CSV file in Workbooks
  • Added search possibility in the Workbook/Sheets list view