How to ungroup a Datylon chart in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to ungroup a Datylon chart to be able to apply Illustrator effects

If you are using Datylon for Illustrator, note that once a Datylon chart is expanded, the link with the data sheet is lost and cannot be recovered. In case you want to re-use the chart in Datylon for Illustrator, it is advised to first take a copy of the Datylon chart before expanding and manipulating it in Illustrator. 


To ungroup a Datylon chart, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the Datylon chart. Do not deselect the object until you're done. 

  2. In the Illustrator menu, go to Object > Expand... 

  3. Use the default values (Object and Fill enabled) and click OK.
    Your Datylon object is now a set of regular grouped Illustrator objects. In the Illustrator Layers panel, you'll see one or multiple <Group> layers, <Clipping Mask> layers and one <Clipping Path> Layer.
  4. Keep the object selected, go to Object > Ungroup and ungroup all those <Group> layers one by one. Easiest is to use the shortcut Shift+Cmd+G (Mac) or Shift+Ctrl+G (Windows) until all the <Group> layers disappear and you are only left with one or more <Clip Group> layers.

  5. Keep everything selected and go to Object > Clipping Mask > Release. Repeat this as needed until all <Clip Group> layers disappear.

  6. Done! Now you can manipulate all the objects as you like.