Multi-chart layout examples

Below you will find some examples of multi-chart layouts you can make with Datylon for Illustrator plug-in).

A combination of Adobe Illustrator and Datylon chart maker plug-in allows the creation of multiple chart layouts. All you need to do is to make and style one chart and then just copy-paste it, changing the data in each chart. It can be just a few charts with some indicators data, small multiples, or tile maps. The limitation is only your imagination.

On this page, you can check out some of the examples of multi-chart layout designs.


Multi-chart design example - Breads and Cereals Calories | Made with Datylon
Multiple semi-circle donut charts showing the number of calories for different kinds of meals. The title and all the labels are made in Datylon Text Object. One dataset was used for all charts data.


Multi-chart design example - Part of countries GDP | Made with Datylon
Multiple pie charts communicating the value of the country's GDP by the size of the pie chart and the structure of GDP using slice sizes. The data for all of the pie charts is placed into one dataset. The legend was made by coloring the title.


Multi-chart design example - KPI examples | Made with Datylon
Horizontal and vertical variations of bullet charts showing some of the  KPIs.


Multi-chart design example - US movies box office 2019 | Made with Datylon
Multiple area charts each showing a box office of a single movie that was popular in cinemas in the first half of 2019.


Multi-chart design example - Top attended English football clubs | Made with Datylon
Line charts showing the changes in attendance of most visited English football clubs.


Multi-chart design example - Big Max Index | Made with Datylon
Line charts showing the changes of the Big Mac Index over time for multiple countries.


Multi-chart design example - Changes in unemployment rate from 2015 to 2019 | Made with Datylon
Slope charts showing the changes in the unemployment rate for 2019 to 2019. Each slope chart represents a group of countries with a similar degree of change.


Multi-chart design example - Median income | Made with Datylon
Multiple area charts presented as a US tile map showing the changes of median household incomes over time for every state.


Multi-chart design example - New York City weather 2016 | Made with Datylon
Multiple line charts showing the frequency distribution of temperatures in New York City in every month of 2016.