Who is Datylon aimed at?

Datylon is aimed at graphic designers, dataviz professionals, communications professionals,...

Anyone who is professionally creating charts and data visualizations can benefit from using Datylon.

Datylon is available both as a web app and as a plugin for Adobe Illustrator, Datylon for Illustrator. See more about the differences here

Datylon web app

Is an online tool to create, edit and share charts. Designers can create sophisticated graphically rich charts online and save them as templates. Or templates built with Datylon for Illustrator can be uploaded to the web app.

This allows other users, the owners of the data like communication professionals or business analysts, to update the data using graphically rich charts and layouts without having to have the skills to design those. 

Datylon for Illustrator

Is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator l to create single charts or complete reports with multipe charts within an Adobe CC workflow. 

Adobe for Illustrator is mainly targeted towards chart designers like graphic designers and dataviz professionals. But even so, we are sure that professionals such web developers and data scientists who are using Illustrator will find value in our product and therefore welcome to try and purchase Datylon.