What are the system requirements for Datylon?

Datylon for Illustrator, version R51 or higher

Adobe Illustrator

CC 2022 (v26) up to CC2023 (v27).

Datylon export feature is not working with Adobe Illustrator 26.3.1. 
See here for more info. 

When doing a major Adobe Illustrator upgrade, first install the major Adobe upgrade, then download & install the latest Datylon version.


For more details on Adobe Illustrator system requirements: see "Illustrator CC system requirements" on the Adobe's Help Center.

Adobe licenses

The downloadable Datylon for Illustrator versions only support personal Adobe ID licenses. In case of Federated or Enterprise Adobe licensing, please contact us here, via email or chat on this page. 

Operating System

macOS or Windows 64 bit.


  • Apple M1 & M2 computers with Apple Silicon chips are supported from Datylon for Illustrator R46 onwards. On our download page, you now have separate plug-in downloads for Mac Intel and for Mac Apple Silicon. https://insights.datylon.com/plugin 

  • Ipad: Not supported.


Datylon Report Studio, including Datylon Online chart maker.

Browser: It is recommended to use Chrome (v64 or higher).

Operating System: macOS 14 or Windows 10 x64, or higher.