Is my data safe and secure?

Learn about data protection when using Datylon

Datylon for Illustrator

Datylon for Illustrator only stores the used data locally, and at no point in time any content data is uploaded in the cloud. 

When using Datylon for Illustrator, your data and visualizations are only stored in the Illustrator .ai files you edit. No data or charts are sent over the internet. This means the plugin can be used offline with full data security control.

You do need an internet connection to activate your Datylon for Illustrator license when you start using Datylon for Illustrator for the first time. Thereafter no internet connection is required until your license expires after which a new license check over the internet is needed.

Please note, Datylon charts can be exported to the Datylon Report Studio if the user decides so. This feature (Windows > Extensions > Datylon Import & Export > Export) shall therefor not be used if data security is required.

Beta versions might be monitored for diagnostics purposes. Only technical information is transferred. No private data, nor any content from the job data file is uploaded. Currently no Beta releases are planned. 


Datylon Report Studio

If you save your data, charts, designs or templates on Datylon Report Studio, it will belong only to your account and you will have full control over it. Your data is treated as confidential while Datylon keeps all online user data in secure servers.

Transferred data is SSL encrypted. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private.

If you publish a project on our online dataviz platform, it can be accessed through a direct link with a unique ID. If you want to make sure nobody finds your visualizations, keep them unpublished and download them as PDFs, SVGs or images for private use.

Datylon Report Server

No data is stored in Datylon Report Server, and any data transfer that occurs is protected with SSL encrypted.

If you would like to install Datylon Report Server in a private cloud setting or deploy them on-premise to enhance data security, please get in touch with us.