Styles Properties Overview

Some properties are similar to those in Illustrator or are self-explanatory. Other properties however might require some more guidance.


Below, the following properties are explained by means of a bar chart:

  1. Basic BarChart components
  2. Dimensions
  3. Padding
  4. Wrap



  1. Basic BarChart components (in red) and where to style them (in grey)





2. In the Datylon Graph panel, dimensions like height, width, position, thickness and text size are expressed in pixel (px). All these dimensions can be changed in various Sections (marked in grey) under the Styles tab. Below some common dimensions explained by means of a bar charts:




3. Styles-Style

  • Inner and Outer -Padding is only activated when the Bar Pixel radio button in Styles-Style is unchecked.
  • Bar -Thickness, -Spacing and -Padding is only activated when the Bar Pixel radio button is checked.


4. Wrap

  • All Labels (numbers or text strings) in Datylon Graph charts, have a feature called Wrap, to control the text line breaks.
  • Width defines the width of the text box and therefor the maximum length of the text string.
  • Line Height defines the line spacing.