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Datylon Graph start-up samples

To get you started, download here Adobe Illustrator files with Datylon Graph samples. For Datylon Graph v0.29 or higher.


Click on the images below to download the native Adobe Illustrator files and try out Datylon Graph. Or visit Datylon Insights, and find the native Illustrator files of many different demo charts and data stories made with Datylon Graph. 


Quickstart guide with a mix of sample charts



Bar chart, Column Chart

sample-board-R31, bar chart, column chart, Adobe illustrator, grouped, stacked


Pie chart, arrow chart, line chart

Datylon Graph, R30, Sample board, Pie chart, Line chart, Arrow chart, Adobe Illustrator, Infographics


Bar chart, bubble chart, streamgraph

Datylon Graph, Streamgraph , Adobe Illustrator, Bubble chart, Line chart, Area chart, Bar chart


Stacked Bar chart

Regional Beer Sales, Bar Chart, Datylon, Adobe Illustrator, Infographics