3 September 2019 Release Notes, v0.30

Datylon Graph, Datylon Insights Editor


  • Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator: Beta v0.30
  • Datylon Insights Editor: Beta v0.30



  • We overhauled the Datylon Scatter chart. In fact, it became much more than that. You can choose from many different sizeable icons as datamarks, we added categorical & datetime axes and improved the UI. In other words, we made it easier for you to design re-usable scatter or bubble charts in a snap. Download the Illustrator file below. 

Datylon, how to make a Scatter chart, Bubble chart, Adobe Illustrator


  • Tired of drawing icon arrays by hand in Illustrator? In Datylon Graph you now have all the tools at hand to create professional looking icon array charts, while keeping the link with the data.

Datylon, how to make an Icon Array chart in Adobe Illustrator


  • And some more improvements you’ll surely appreciate:
    • Area chart: added Legend (Styles>Legend). Style your legend as if it was a chart.
    • Line chart: added categorical and datetime axis to Y axis (Styles>Y axis)
    • Pie chart: added stroke option to Pie
    • Arrow chart: improved percentage label logic
    • Fixed reported bugs